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Is there any use for WC852 powder? Or rather, what calibers is it good for might be a better question?
My understanding of 852 is that is was made as a substitute for IMR4895. However, it was never approved for use in the Garand. Possibly because it is/was too slow burning.
I have several pounds of it, and would like to know if it is a slower burning powder, and which cartridges it might be good in?
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Contact Jeff Bartlett.... he'll know.

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Read this. Lists 3 calibers his worked up.
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WC-852 is from pulled Military 30-06 ammo. It is very dirty ball power as I do recall. The load data is not even close to IMR-4895 which is stick powder! The lot I used was using H414 load data. Contact the guy you bought it from and see what load data to use!
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I have some of the "FAST" batch from Jeff. I use H308 data.

I know you cannot look at a powder and tell what it is; but the WC852f looks just like the H308 I have used for years.

Check your lot information. Give Jeff a call. This guy knows his stuff! We discussed the CMP ammo after I bought two cases. He asked for the lot numbers, which I gave him. He told me that all of this ammo was packed in boxes, linked in the '70s, then delinked and sold by CMP.
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Every batch of pull down powder is different. When I buy large qty's of IMR-5010 for the 50 BMG I bring it all home dump all the powder into a drum together and mix it all together to make a new lot!!! I have found by doing this when you have more than one 8lb keg you will get more consistant results thru the whole batch!!!

Start conservative and work up!!! Sure you can say that its like 4985 or H414 but its not!! Use only as a starting point not as gold!!!

Another good source for surplus Q&A is Pat & Brian McDonald (Pats Reloading) Either of those two will spend as much time on the phone with you to make damn sure your being safe. Even if you did not buy it from them they will be gald to help you out!!

Tell them what you plan on using it for and they will let you know if it okay!!

147GR CBC pull down 44.5grains WC852 gave me 2633fps
in my Savage Model 10 bolt action out of RA brass with WLR primers.

When loading this type powder check for high pressure signs like a flattened primer, sticky bolt, cracked case necks, unusual growth on fired brass!!!

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