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Canister & Non - Cannister Grades

Powder, that is ~ What are the primary differences ?

I ran across an article that suggested that mil surp powders should be sifted for best results. How is this performed ? Is there a mfgr of assorted guage mesh sizes of screen sifting devices ? What would be removed when sifting ? Gravel and /or other assorted foreign matl. or, perhaps other propellants, foreign to what is supposed to be in container ?

Thanks !
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Cannister powder is generally available to the public, while non cannister is used by ammunition companies. Due to variations in materials and processes used to make powder, burn rates for various powders can vary considerably. Ammunition companies and arsenals tend to understand that while reloaders tend not to. Witness the variations in Accurate Arms 2230 powder. I once bought a large amount of 2230-S which was 10% faster than regular 2230. 2230-C was recently offered that was 10% slower than regular 2230.
Sifting powder is an example of DON"T DO IT. I can't conceive of a reason to do this unless it was to remove pulled bullets. There could be nothing good come of sifting powder. Can you post what you read?
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The trade calls them commercial powders. Those you and I can buy are usually blended to produce uniform characteristics from one lot to the next. The industry doesn't care about that because they must do pressure and velocity tests anyhow and can adjust if there is a difference from one lot to the next.
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when you buy powder, it's in a "cannister."

when remington buys powder, it's not in a cannister.

powders sold to non-commercial reloaders must be consistent, because we really can't measure pressure well. so they are blended, selected, etc. to have very consistent characteristics. that costs money, but it's all we can do. because we can't afford pressure testing equipment; other wise you can bet some of us would have it....

remington can measure pressure, so they don't need such narrow consistency; they can adjust the load safely. so the powder mfr. doesn't have to spend as much on the powder and remington can pay less for it. which is fine for everybody involved as it keeps costs down.

one of the several characteristics that determine a powder's performance is morphology. the military does not need high accuracy from powder, so the powder can vary in its shape a bit. thus, bored reloaders with plenty of time will sometimes sift powders to narrow the range of powder shape characteristics, seeking to improve accuracy.
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I ran across an article that suggested that mil surp powders should be sifted for best results.

I've heard the same thing. However, I don't do it and cannot see why I should. The powder is clean and no different from any commercial powder I've bought.

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Originally Posted by steve marshall
Can you post what you read?
For the rest of the folks, scroll down to the jug of Surp. 4895

Every so often, a few of the guys at the range get together and jointly purchase surplus powder. Although I haven't carefully chronoed the loads to monitor ES, the 'ol trusty '48, so far so good . It is interesting to note :

Batch 1 - uniform color "pencil lead" grey extruded powder particulate

Batch 2 - uniform grey-green colored particulate

Batch 3 - appears as if this batch is a blend of the above two.
Would it be safe to assume that Batch 3 will be allocated to the junk status for blasting powder ? Or, is 4895 generally consistant across the board ie blending doesn't harm E. S. consistency ?

Any opinions or experience with this "mixed " powder ?

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I would simply use loading data from the manual, and start extra low, working up until you get the results you want. It would help if you had a chronograph. They aren't very spendy anymore and can tell you more about where you're at than looking at primers, which don't tell you anything until you're into trouble. If you are shooting a semi, watch where it throws the brass. As you work upwards, it should throw your reloads in about the same place at some point, if the pressure is about the same as factory ammo. If the brass is getting an unusual beating, check and see if maybe you are too high load wise.
I have been using pulldown 4895 and have yet to find any junk in it.
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While I have not seen the surplus 4895 the description of color may mean something.

If you buy new 4895 from Hodgdon it is a grey/green color that is typical of powders made in Australia by ADI (Australian Defense Industries). Older IMR 4895 is the typical graphite black color and has been made in Canada for years.

Now that Hodgdon owns the IMR name you could very well see Australian made powders in IMR cans.

If the surplus is from Aussie 308 that might explain part of it.
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