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DAG Blue Plastic Case Training Ammo :: Range Report

I purchased this when Sportsman's Guide had it in stock.

This may have been a mistake.

I received my shipment several weeks ago but have been unable to fire any until today.

I examined the construction of the round and found that the bullet & case are 1 piece. The case neck is molded in such a way that upon firing the bullet separates and leaves a clean neck with plastic fluting inside. It is the flutes that hold the bullet. The bullet weight is approx 9.8 grains, powder was 12.5gr of a very fine extruded type.

Upon trying this stuff at the range I found that only 50% would chamber in my rifle!

They would chamber just shy of locking the bolt. Sometimes a bump with the heal of the hand would close the bolt but many times not. Holding the op-rod handle and slamming the butt got them "un-stuck".

The problem seems to be the slight bulge just ahead of the brass head. I did try these in a Wilson case gauge when I first received the shipment and they slipped in and out fine.

What I needed to do on most rounds that did fire was to place them in the mag about 1/2 an inch forward of the normal position. And let the bolt hammer it home. “Popping the mag” worked too.

Tested @ 50 yds benched. 8 shots nearly held the 10 ring of a B-8 pistol target. 5 x’s, 2-10’s and 1-9. Group measured 2.3” kick the 9 out makes the group 1.8”

All in all it is about as accurate as the FN plastic bullet stuff posted elsewhere on this forum but the chambering problem is disappointing. Perhaps it will chamber in another rifle or I can find a friend with a generous chambered rifle.

If anyone else is using this stuff, please let us know how you like it.
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I shot some yesterday and had the same experience.

Too bad I bought 2,000 rounds of it.

I had some of this stuff years ago and shot it out of a .308 Galil with no problem.

I suspect this batch was out of spec. ammo.

My solution is to buy a bolt action. I was looking for an excuse anyway.

BTW, I also bought a bunch of the DAG 9mm stuff. It works perfectly!
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I gave up trying to use it in my FALs as it would not feed well from the magazines. It works very well in my fr8 with no negatives. Just have to work the bolt crisply to throw the light cases clear of the action.
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